Macrobid is a revolutionary treatment, which is classified as an antibiotic, which fights body bacteria improving the current health state. The drug contains Nitrofurantoin as an active component, which helps to achieve the desired effects. Generally, the medication is prescribed for patients, who are diagnosed with urinary tract infections. The powerful composition of the drug helps kill the existing bacteria that trigger infection. Thus, the effects of Macrobid chlamydia and related urinary tract disorders cannot be underestimated. However, the medication cannot promote positive influences on viral infections and other types of infection. Contact your medical specialist and learn the list of other disorders, which can be improved with Macrobid. Never take the drug off-label without doctor’s assistance.

Macrobid chlamydiaApart from expensive brand medication, the modern pharmaceutical market offers an exclusive opportunity – to get a quality and effective generic Macrobid counterpart, which is characterized by ultimate quality, undeniable safety, and effectiveness. The composition of the drug is identical to its brand counterpart, while the cost of generic version is several times lower.

Considering the pharmaceutical part of the issue, it is important to note that generic Nitrofurantoin capsules feature the same active components that trigger effective influence on the organism. Consequently, the mechanism of action, as well as potential results, are identical. Moreover, both antibiotics share the same safety instructions, intake recommendations, restrictions, contraindications, precautions and side effects.

Macrobid: How Long to Feel Better?

The treatment is available in the capsule form, which guarantees easy dissolving of the tablet and promotes the achievement of rapid effects. It is inevitable to administer the drug following an individually adjusted dose, intake recommendations, and other directions since the drug misuse can launch unwanted and frequently life-threatening reactions. Never administer the drug in higher doses or longer than prescribed by your doctor. Prolonged medication use can also trigger specific adverse reactions. Frequent medical tests are required for those patients, who use the drug for a long term.

Macrobid 100mg antibiotic dosageMacrobid dose and duration of intake will depend mainly on the overall health state of a patient, severity of the condition, medications taken, other health disorders experienced, etc. However, on average, people take Nitrofurantoin 2-4 times a day during 3-7 days. It is the optimal time to witness positive changes and stay safe eliminating possible side effects. It is preferable to administer the treatment at around the same time daily.

Considering positive effects, they are likely to occur during the first several days of the therapy, though this time varies greatly in each individual case. Contact your medical specialist if the symptoms of infection aggravate and new symptoms start bothering you. Keep using Macrobid for a complete treatment course prescribed by the specialist. Mind that the signs of infection can disappear before the infection is fully cleared from the body, so it is important to use the remedy for the full length of the prescribed course.

The average generic Macrobid 100mg antibiotic dosage can vary greatly, depending on the age of the patient and treated condition, and includes:

  • 50-100 mg administered 4 times daily for treatment of cystitis in adults;
  • 50-100 mg once a day is sufficient for prophylaxis;
  • 5-7 mg per kg is a daily pediatric dose for treatment of cystitis symptoms.

Ways to Achieve Maximal Effects and Eliminate Possible Risks

Treatment of Urinary ProblemsUsing generic Macrobid, it is inevitable to pay due attention to the safety of the therapy. The drug is not approved for people, who are sensitive to Nitrofurantoin or other components of the drug. Additionally, patients diagnosed with liver problems, severe kidney impairments, urinary disorders and similar complications should avoid Macrobid use.

Certain illnesses and medical impairments can contribute to Macrobid dose adjustment, especially:

  • Anemia;
  • Electrolyte imbalance;
  • Diabetes;
  • Vitamin B deficiency;
  • Debilitating disorder and others.

Severe birth defects and life-threatening symptoms can appear in children if the mother has used Macrobid during pregnancy or lactation.