Macrobid nitrofurantoin and alcoholMacrobid is a renowned preparation, which was initiated to treat bacterial infections. This medicine helps to solve problems of the urinary tract, which occurred due to different bacteria. One of the typical questions associated with any medical treatment is its compatibility with alcohol. Therefore, the question “Macrobid – can you drink alcohol?” is a pretty common one.

Macrobid nitrofurantoin and alcohol should not be taken together. The first thing you should be aware of is the harmful effects of such combination. The drug is strong enough to induce some adverse reactions. However, their occurrence may be easily cured if you turn for the emergency assistance within the brief period of time. Learn the list of possible adverse reactions. All of them may occur if you intake Macrobid and alcohol together.

Moreover, the severity and durability of adverse reactions increase for many a time. This hugely damages the human health. Accordingly, you should never administrate alcohol when you intake Macrobid or other preparations of the similar action. It is remarkable that there is a certain period when you should not drink alcohol. Its negative effects may interact with Macrobid even after 7 days. Therefore, you should avoid it for at least one week.

The second thing concerning this combination is the efficacy of the treatment. Alcohol sufficiently decreases the efficacy of nitrofurantoin. Consequently, you will not reach the desired results of treatment.

Important Warnings and Contradictions

The incompatibility of this drug and alcohol is not the only one. There are some other health conditions and obstacles that potentially hazardous for your health. It is quite possible that you will have to undergo certain medical tests to determine some of them. At any rate, you should obligatorily discuss all safe terms with your doctor.

Warnings and ContradictionsThis drug has the B classification. It induces some harmful effects and cannot be released without a prescription. During your consultation, inform your doctor about your health conditions. You should never administrate it if you have:

  • Severe kidney and/or liver ailments and disorders
  • Violated functioning of the urinating process
  • The absence of the urination
  • Anemia
  • Both kinds of diabetes
  • An electrolyte imbalance
  • Debilitating ailments

The preparation is contradicted for the examinees who suffer from a vitamin B deficiency.

There is a special warning for women. Those in the period of pregnancy may intake it until the 38th week of the pregnancy. Afterward, the drug may potentially harm the unborn. Women in the lactation period should never administrate Macrobid. It may pass into the breast milk and sufficiently endanger the health of the nursing children.

You should always remain cautious when you intake such strong remedies. Learn your prescriptions and never exceed the duration or dosages. Remain cautious and never undertake measures, which are potentially dangerous for you.